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  • One click = LOVE

    If you have not yet rated our app on the stores, we would just LOVE if you did it now <3: Click on the links below – they will take you directly to the store, and in one click you give your opinion on the app (and if you have 30 seconds more to spare, …

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  • sel

    Killing weed with salt? The bogus good idea.

    “Can I use salt to kill weed?” “Sure, it’s the perfect organic weed killer! It’s all over the internet.” It’s not costly, and “sounds” natural – yeah, salt is natural, right? So it shouldn’t really harm the environment. Now, really? We had heard of using vinegar in the garden, now salt – what the dickens, …

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  • Groww – our design principles

    We thought we wanted to tell you a bit more about our values, and what’s important to us. Are you interested to know why this application is made? When we started Groww, we designed these six design principles – and 4 years later, they still command anything we do or any change we make to …

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  • Jam and poetry

    Do you prefer homemade, or supermarket jams …? A nice piece written in 1936, found pinned to the wall in a friend’s kitchen, which makes a lot of sense today – we share: The day the economist visited us, was the day we were making our blackcurrant, currant and raspberry jams. The economist immediately began …

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  • What to do in the vegetable garden in the autumn

    September is already almost gone and here comes the autumn – by the way, Groww, our garden application  has just turned its main theme colour to a warm orange for the occasion! Autumn may be the time to harvest your last summer veggies – tomatoes and zucchinis, but there are still other things to do ! Harvest …

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