First, why?

Keep your plants happy and healthy, for less than 2€ a month !

First of all, when you create an account in the app, you can use it for free in its full version for two weeks! At the end of this trial period, you will be able to subscribe, if you like our service! Without a subscription, you will still have access to the app in its limited version.

There are 3 different plans to choose from, monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription. You can start with a monthly subscription, suspend it during the winter, and then go for a whole year. Yours to decide!

C'est cool

Because it’s cool!

Premium, freemium, what are the differences?

When you subscribe to Groww and become a member, you get tasks, advices and reminders for the whole plant database – more than 1500 plants to date, and we’re adding new items each week..

What can I do if I’m not a member?

  • Use the AI plant identification tool – with no limit.
  • Get access to the database itself and the encyclopedia.
  • Receive tasks and reminders for the 50 most used plants : tomatoes, basil, mint, Aloe, roses, hydrangeas and a few others.

C'est cool

Because it’s cool!

How can I subscribe?

Subscriptions are only available inapp.

How can I pay?

Either through Itunes if you’re an IOS user, or through VISA if you’re an android user. Should you need to use another mean (like Paypal), you can always do – just get in touch via email or through the in app chat.

Is this secured?

Payments are made through iTunes or the stripe platform for android users, a leader and a reference in online payments. In both cases, payments are secured and Groww is not granted access to your bank details.

What if I change my mind?

Within the first 14 days of use, you change your mind and cancel your subscription and get a full refund, either through iTunes or, for android users, via email to us or through the inapp chat.


How should I cancel my subscription?

You can do so at anytime – again, either through your iTunes account for Apple users, or inapp for android users (‘My account’).

What are the options?



Monthly 2,49 € TTC



Quarterly 6,49 € TTC



Yearly 19,99€ TTC

How about promo codes?

Just go to page promotion, with your credentials and code.

Download the app

Prices are the same for iOS and Android. Click on the links below :

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